What ways do we have to see more about Dragon Dice?
There are several ways to follow us for more information:
Product Availability

While Out-of-Stock items are an issue with any company, they"re never a good thing to come up against. We"ve had many players asking when certain items are due back in stock, and we don"t have a date for them yet. These include:
  • Rulebooks
Also note, Battlefields is a discontinued product, and has been replaced by three separate products to better tailor to players needs:
  • Terrains: Basic
  • Terrains: Advanced
  • Terrains: Minors
Once we sell out of the current stock of Deadlands, these will also be discontinued, as they are now part of the Terrains: Minors product.

Dragon Dice is now available on Tabletopia

Tabletopia/Dragon Dice

Dragon Dice is now available to play online on Tabletopia. Join in our tournaments over Discord to play any legal army, or play one of our published 2-player formats online:
Sealed Starter Firewalker vs Treefolk
Constructed Firewalker vs Treefolk
Sealed Amazon Kickers
Sealed Frostwing Kickers
Sealed Kicker (choose your packs in the game)
For a few tips/tricks on how to play, please reference this video.

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