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Welcome Con goers! - 08/30/2013

Whether you heard about us at Gencon, Dragoncon, or Pax Prime! We are glad you found us and took the time to look us up!

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Starters are available online! - 08/26/2013

We are still working on the distribution channel, but we still have the remainder of the pre-production starters we had made for Gencon. For now, you can get them directly from us at our online store .

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About Daemon Dice

In the halls of hell, the Daemon Lords settle their differences like gentlemen. Which is to say, they send their lackeys to do battle for them...

Daemon Dice™ is a quick and easy collectible dice game in which you get to send your daemon warrior into the Infernal Circle to do battle for glory and honor. You build your daemon warrior from an assortment of body parts, each with its own unique abilities.

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Bring Your A-Game - May 29th, 2013

SFR Prepares For an All-New Release by Mike Williams

SFR Inc., known for being the company that brought Dragon Dice back to life, is on the verge of releasing an all-new game - Daemon Dice. We caught up with Cliff Wiggs shortly after PAX East and spoke about the upcoming release, slated for GenCon.

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