No one can ever say that Dragon Dice® players are not a creative lot.

Every year there are players who bring their own tools and aides and cheat sheets.

We have taken a sampling of some of these aides and provided them here.

For those who like to have a physical accounting of their collections, download this Check List.

Nothing says that you love your game more than wearing it on your body or carrying it with you.

Tshirts, Hoodies, Notebooks, Magnets, Shotglasses, Polos...

Get all your Dragon Dice® apparel needs at the SFR Dragon Dice Cafepress Store.

When playing in person, it helps to have one of our userful card decks for placing Spells and remembering Effects.

When playing online it helps to have the same. Thus we are providing images of the cards for personal use.

Abilities and Effects V4.01
Spell Cards v4.01
Dice Game