Rep Program

SFR is looking for people who either want to get more people to play Dragon Dice™, or expand existing groups that have played from the beginning. Everyone is welcome to join the local rep program. This program was created to help our company build on a dedicated group of players by brining new players into the fun and excitement we all love, the game of Dragon Dice™. SFR needs dedicated players that want to help. So, if you are interested in creating or expanding a Dragon Dice™ group in your area, please check out this forum topic for more details or contact the Rep Director at

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Rep Forum

Some basic rep information is listed here, but you can find more detailed information in our forum.

Local Reps

Find a local rep in your area to help you local other Dragon Dice™ players or  where the next hosted game will be in our forum.

Demoing Dragon Dice™ 101

Think that demoing is too hard for you to do? Wrong, It's easy! Check out this forum topic to get some hints on what to do.

Dice Game